Bridging the gap between
sellers and shipments

Welcome to Precision Prep and E-Commerce Solutions.

Precision Prep aims to make your e-commerce experience seamless and responsive
while allowing you to focus on your business instead of in your business.
Precision Prep operates in Pennsylvania where clothing and grocery items are sales tax free.



Shipments are sent straight to Amazon using your Inventory Lab information.

Prep Work

No longer do you need to prep your products for shipments. Poly bagging, labeling, warning stickers, do not separate stickers and shrink wrapping. We take care of that.

OA to us

OA your products to us to be prepped and shipped to Amazon. No more boxes piled in your hallway, waiting at home to receive packages or worrying about packages being left in your driveway during inclement weather.
Note: Clients must send a minimum of 400 units per month.

Non-Compete Agreements

We work with you on a Non-Compete for your products. Your secrets and hard work are safe with us.

Prep Pricing

  • $29.99 / One Time Application Fee
  • $1.30 / Item - Poly Bagging
  • $1.00 / Item - Non-Polybagged
  • $1.50 / Item - Bubble Wrapped
  • $1.25 / Shoes/Sneakers
  • $2.00 / Book - Grading included for used books
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    We would love to help you succeed in your e-commerce business.
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