We started this VA CoOp because I adore my VA and her team and did not have the budget to buy all of the amazing finds they were sharing. I did not want to lose her so I created this to help to subsidize her salary and the software I provide for her and her team. This was also the reason we started the prep center – because I enjoy this space, I have built the teams to prep, but I do not have the volume for myself to be able to pay the employees and warehouse overhead. My goal is to grow my amazon business and not grow my debt, so by offering these services it has helped to offset my expenses.

Our CoOp VA team provides leads based on this criteria:

  • Mon-Fri.
  • Min ROI of 40%
  • $5 profit
  • top 1-3% BSR
  • at least 15 sales/mo

We do not have any US based vetting as this is a VA share and we are just sharing what they find – it is up to you to vet and verify. Having subscribed to lists in the past, I find that this amazing team has very few mismatches and is just as, if not more, thorough than the big lists I had subbed to in my early days.

BUY $75 Co Op List #1:
General Items
25 Person Cap